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Welcome to L2APOLL®N . This Server is here to offer you The best game. This server is balanced , fun , pvp , tvt ,it has farm areas where you can farm col , many events etc. If you are looking for a server that will respect you , a server that you will feel like home , a professional server, just join L2APOLL®N . We were playing for many years in many servers and what we saw was a lot of lag , dead servers , admins and gms nowhere to be found except just to collect money. So in our server we know exactly what we have to do, so we will always try for the best for you ! Our players ! Gm will be always happy to hear everything from you in email : .
Just give us a try !

- Our active staff working everyday to make your game even better !

- BONUS "Bring your Clan"!
- Event " Raid Boss Hunters"!
- Make useful tutorials Guides and get Reward !
- Best Video of the Month !

- Is Important to Check Our Forum For -Server Rules - Announcement - Tutorials - Event! --> L2Apoll®n Forum Vote our server on HopZone.Net
• We Are OnLine ! Joun Us! •


- Rates 50x XP/SP, 50x Adena, 10x Seal Stones, 10x Drops, 5x Spoil.
- Private Hi5 server files, not L2J not public files.
- Lineage 2 Hi5 Full.
- No overpowerful donations.
- Stable. No lag. (Depending on your location you may experience delay, this has nothing to do with our server.)
- All newbie have top no-grade weapon, armors and adena.
- No need quest for Subclass.
- Quest Items Drop rates are x4.
- RaidBoss 50x XP/SP, 50x Adena, 1x drop.
- Olympiad its every month.
- Many interesting custom events!
- Anti-bot/Anti-hack system.
- Gm Shop.
- Npc Buffer.
- OffLine Trade (just when you make your shop type .offline )
- Maximum level of the basic class - 85
- Maximum level of the subclass - 85
- 81+ Skills
- Time Buffs: 1 h.
- Time Dances: 1 h.
- Time Songs: 1 h.
- Max Enchant: +20.
- Safe Enchant: +3.
- Augmentation/Herbs working.
- Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah working.
- Commercial (not public) Geodata.

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